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CDr | 2017
Recordings For The Summer (DE), 30 copies

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20min composition, based on and made on occasion of Franziska Klose’s photo-exhibition „HOUSE“. Muennich’s approach ties in with Klose’s documentation of abandoned homes and the changing cityscape of Detroit, caused by deindustrialisation, depopulation, and the economical breakdown of what once was known as the capital of the American Dream.

The whole composition process was accompanied by different aspects from this context: evanescence, social dislocation, home, expulsion, which were crucial for the development of this piece.

The close linkage between Klose’s visual and Muennich’s audible work was intensified by photographs from inside the slowly vanishing building in which said exhibition and exclusive live performance of „klamm/heimelig“ took place. They now form the basis for the 8pp booklet of the cd/r, designed by Michael Barthel.

sold out